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Starting a business can kind of feel like being in a forest after dark:  

Sure, forests are nice, but now it’s getting a little cold, really dark and super scary.

You hope you’re heading in the right direction, but you’re not even sure where you’re planting your feet.  


I know this because this was me.  Over & over again.

I’m no stranger to entrepreneurship.

I could have turned my front yard into a store-front for the amount of garage sales & lemonade stands I held there - and my experiences all had one thing in common:  overwhelm.

It feels like there’s so much to know, right?

Like there’s so much to do? And so much info that says “do that, not this” that it’s impossible to make a call??


If you’re ready to cut through the overwhelm & start working (+ earning!) like a CEO then I’m your girl.

Right now, there’s two ways to learn from me: 


The Energetic Entrepreneur 101

✓ A self-paced, fun, bingeable course for entrepreneurs working towards 5-figure months

✓ An essentials only to Mindset, Strategy & Productivity - AKA, the foundations of entrepreneurship

✓ Learn the most important building blocks in running an ease-filled, successful business

✓ Tools to manage your energy so that building your business feels amazing

✓ Exclusive access to high-value Facebook community with other students

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The 90-DAY Inspired Action Plan

✓ The process starts with a quick questionnaire, then a 50-minute intensive going over your business goals, systems, values + priorities

✓ After this, I break your goal down into 12 weekly milestones & create a super simple PDF that will make sure you’re constantly moving forward

✓ A 30-minute implementation call that walks you through your action plan PDF, makes any changes & answers your questions

✓ Perfect for the business owner who’s ready to get serious about their goals + ready to make space to reach them

✓ BONUS! A daily checklist of high-impact biz tasks so you can build great habits to keep growing your biz