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This is the place for marketing trainings, mindset overhauls, productivity tips & awesome conversations with other boss babes.

This is the perfect podcast for newbie entrepreneurs who want to grow their business, make some bank + live the life of their dreams.  Andrea, AKA the hostess-with-the-mostest, invites you in to her business wins (+ fails) with her super binge-able podcast,


Hey hey!

I’m Andrea O - I’m a small-town Canadian success strategist, podcaster, coach & recovering overachiever.

I’m obsessed with online business, plants & goal-setting, and I help overwhelmed entrepreneurs make more money in less time by working smart & making the most their energy.

I’ve been an entrepreneur as long as I can remember.

Even if I didn’t run an active business at the time, I could feel it; it was in my bones.


My dad owns a contracting business & loves the freedom of the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Me and my brother went on to start their own businesses, so what can I say? It was contagious.

But what changed everything for me came in 2017 - a brain tumour. I woke up from surgery with chronic pain, mobility issues & a long recovery ahead of me, as well as a failing freelancing gig that was burning me out & up to me to somehow revive.

I didn’t have the energy to go back to corporate,

I didn’t have the energy to keep freelancing 50 hours a week, and I thought that I no longer had what it took to be an entrepreneur - at least, until I realized that…

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…the key to being a successful entrepreneur,
is being intentional about your effort + energy.

So, being intentional with my effort & energy became my obsession.

Every day, I automated something, implemented a new system or did something to work smarter, not harder.  I made sure I paid attention to the right things, I set strong boundaries for myself & I surrounded myself with the right people to make sure that I was growing my business while still resting & recovering from my brain tumour & everything that came along with that.

I believe that being intentional with your energy & deliberate with your action is the first step in building an ease-filled business.

Now, I help overworked + underpaid entrepreneurs find ease & fun while they grow their online business.  I love to remind them what they’re capable of, empower them to reach their dreams & introduce them to the fun they can have while running a business that complements their best life.