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if you’re anything like me, you want amazing things for + from your business - but you’re not willing to miss out on life to make it happen.

What if your business empowered you to live life on your own terms?

When i was 23, I got a brain tumour + I thought my dream of running a 7 figure business was dead.

I was burnt out (AF!) running my business as it was, pouring 60 hours a week into it, and…


Because here’s the thing: running a successful business takes strategic and energetic work. Grinding away at your business won’t get you anywhere if your energy is misaligned.

Trust me - I was stuck in that trap for years, and I don’t want that for you, too.

Aligned Expansion is all about working with your next level self and channeling your energy into the RIGHT strategies so you can stop wasting time + start calling in the growth you’ve always wanted.


is this you?

  • You’re drinking 4-5 cups of coffee a day + desperate for the energy + know-how to sign your next client

  • you’re wondering why running your business is so hard if you haven’t even signed on 10 clients

  • you’re overthinking + second-guessing yourself constantly - so you’re never taking the aligned action that you need to really experience the kind of growth you want

  • you’re wondering if you really have what it takes to make this work.

listen, sis -

You can do this. You’re incredibly talented + you already have everything you need to not only make this work, but to live it up as a purpose-led entrepreneur living the life of her dreams - you just need some guidance.

I wish I could just give you the green juice or a magic pill that everyone else is keeping secret, but what they’re really doing is hiring mentors to empower them, help them focus + get the results they’re craving. This is available to you. You can do this.

here’s why i do this:

I created my coaching practice when I realized (after almost 10 years of struggling) that there was an easier way to make a profit in my business.

You see, I’d just been diagnosed with a brain tumour + had to cut my work weeks back from around 60 hours a week to 15 - so I had to learn how to attract the wealth I wanted without overworking myself.

Now, I teach my clients + students to run deeply aligned, profitable businesses that combine strategy, manifestation + mindset work to allow them to completely transform not just their businesses, but who they are at their core.

This way, you’re constantly moving the needle forward (but you still have time for a surprise lunch with your friends).

Are you ready to call in Aligned Expansion??

Here’s what all of my 1:1 Aligned Expansion clients get in working together:

  • 4 months of biweekly, 90 minute 1:1 workshop calls, where we work together to overhaul every area of your business + brand

  • Unlimited voxer + messenger support between calls

  • Early, lifetime access to my Manifestation Membership so you can get a 30 minute, high vibe manifestation routine that shifts your energy + empowers you to call in your next level!

  • Guidance that empowers you to run an abundant, soulful business that feels amazing

I created this program to be everything you need to run a deeply aligned, abundant + expansive business - and now, when I say it’s incredible, you’ll know I’m not kidding.

want to know how others have expanded??

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What if I told you that when I Started working with these women, they had all the fears + limiting beliefs that you had, too?

If I can help women like Jessica, Natashia + Vella hit their goals, then I sure as hell can help you hit yours, too.

But here’s the thing: I only work with a few clients at a time so that I can really make sure that I’m giving everyone the energy they deserve. My spots tend to fill up quickly - so if you’re interested, let’s hop on zoom + talk about how we can get started.

The INvestment for aligned expansion is: $4444 usd


5 monthly payments of $897