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Let’s cut to the chase:

I want to work with you for 4 months to help you create a deeply aligned, profitable, easy-to-run, booked out coaching business.

When i was 23, I got a brain tumour + I thought my dream of running a 7 figure business was dead.

Now, I’m living my purpose in helping coaches, healers + light workers grow their businesses, fill their calendars with dream clients and skyrocket their income.

Working one-on-one with me in my program, The Aligned Abundance, helps my clients book out their services, raise their prices, serve with more energy + increase their income. I’m here to combine 10+ years of no-nonsense online business experience with the practical “woo” strategy that will turn your business into a manifestation machine.

Basically I’m like a chiropractor for your business. I’m going to make sure everything is in alignment so the energy is ready to flow.


HEre’s some things to know before we speak:

  1. Most of my clients make back their initial investment within 30 days - that’s because after every call, I give you 3 pieces of homework: one to attract + drive sales, one to hone your success mindset, and one to manifest your next level.

  2. I’m an expert on getting yourself + your business into alignment ASAP - but for me to do my job well, I need to work with clients who are ready to show up, do the homework + get results.

  3. Over four months, we’re going to have biweekly, 90-minute long calls where we find deep alignment for you, your business, and your life. we focus on building a great-feeling sales strategy and visibility plan, so you can grow your audience in a meaningful way, and we also do deep work around your self-worth + raising your vibration to align with the life you’re calling in.

  4. When you’re done working together, you’ll have built an aligned + profitable business that’s easy for you to run + brings in dream clients like nobody’s business, and you’ll have the tools to raise your vibration to call in bigger + better things.

    Boom. Gamechanger.

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If this is feeling like a good fit for you, I’d like to invite you in on my four month, 1X1 signature program: aligned Abundance. Here’s what you get:

  • 4 months of supportive coaching designed to empower you to find deep alignment with your business + skyrocket your growth + income

  • Bi-weekly coaching calls to support you + answer questions as you embrace alignment + begin to attract the abundance you deserve

  • Simple, easy to execute business strategy that feels good to you + will fill your calendar with aligned, dreamy clients

  • A supportive, understanding coach who gets that expansion can be a little uncomfortable + is ready to empower you to embrace an abundant + vibrant life

  • Support in finding + using systems that streamline your business such as bookkeeping software, email list software, client management software + techniques, general automation, webinar software + project management software.

This is for you if you’re ready to…

  • Grow your impact + your income while doing your soul’s work

  • Commit to working on nurturing the mindset of success you have within you

  • Dramatically increase your income to 10k months (+ beyond!)

  • Grow your business using strategies that feel authentic to who you are - never sleazy or salesy

  • Attract your dream clients + customers to your business so you can book yourself out effortlessly

  • Be visible ( + a maybe little uncomfortable at first) by showing up for your audience in a way that makes them know, like + trust you

Let’s finally manifest the business + life you’ve always wanted.

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 investment: $3333 usd


4 monthly payments of $897