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Hey! I'm andrea! Thanks for being here!


I’m an entrepreneurship expert, a manifestation coach for online entrepreneurs - and I’m obsessed with helping you build the soulful, successful, six figure businesses.

I’m a small-town Northern Ontarian with big-city dreams. I’m a podcaster, coach, and cat-rescuer, and my happiest day is a day spent journaling, cooking + empowering my clients.


are you ready to quantum leap your business, attract new clients, and completely transform?

I built my business from the rock bottom of rock bottoms, and the thing that helped me transform my mindset + manifest the business of my dreams was journaling. Yes, really.

So I made a free download with the most transformational journaling prompts (maybe ever!?) to help you truly uplevel your mindset, business + life.

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aligned expansion

work 1:1 with me to build + manifest a soulful, successful business.

I’m on this planet to empower people to grow six-figure businesses from their passion. My method? I combine a daily, 30 minute embodiment routine with specific strategic growth - meaning that together, we will develop the most empowered, abundant + educated version of your CEO self.

I’m the type of gal with crystals on my desk + cats on my lap (especially when I’m strategizing with a client) - and I stand by my coaching method because it incorporates real world money moves and universal law for deep transformations.

If you’re serious about launching or grow your business over the next 4 months (but you might not know where to start) - head over to my Work With Me page to learn more.



manifesting your high vibe community?

run (don’t walk) over to our facebook community, energetic Abundance podcast insiders - in there, expect weekly eft tapping sessions, a killer community + my best advice for growing a successful, soulful business.