I’M A MORNING PERSON. mornings are my favourite time of day + the ritual I go through really raises my vibration, helps me manifest new clients + inspiration and it’s been crucial to my success.

And I want you to have mornings like this too. I want you to have mornings that make you feel lit up, engaged + powerful - so that’s what I’m giving you. A morning routine you can get done in 30 minutes.

You heard me right. A 30 minute, game changing morning routine. If you commit to this for 30 days - your vibration. energy, mindset + productivity will change in a super major way - and it’ll probably make you want to continue this game changing routine even longer.

It’s 3 steps. Just try it.

First things first - if you’re not happy with your wakeup time, change it.

If you don’t have time to take 30 minutes to yourself in the mornings, trust me: wake up 30 minutes earlier.

make your bed

Never in my life did I think I’d be a person who made my bed - let alone be a person who told others to make their bed. But, alas, my New years resolution for 2019 was to make my bed daily + if i could pinpoint any single shift i made that really built momentum for my business, that would be it.

it empowers me to start my day feeling productive + capable, and you really only have to think about it for the first week or so. It takes less than 3 minutes + it’s the first thing I do everyday.

(after I pee.)

EFT tapping to raise your vibration

have you done eft before? It’s called “emotional freedom technique” and it’s the process of changing belief systems + brain chemistry by tapping on meridian points in the body as we affirm our new beliefs. I do private sessions with my clients, but i pre-recorded this one for you to follow along with every morning to get you buzzing, energized, feeling amazing + living your best life.


grab your coffee or tea or matcha or smoothie or lemon water (or whatever!) + set a 15 minute timer and start on this journaling prompt. SEE WHAT COMES UP + REALLY CALL IN YOUR HIGHER SELF - WHAT WISDOM DO THEY HAVE FOR YOU? WHAT ARE WE MAKING HAPPEN?? HOw can we bring that energy into our everyday?

PROMPT: how does my higher self feel, act + think today?