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 I remember in my business thinking at least once a week that I just needed two more clients. Then, I’d have enough cash to really feel like I’d made it. Like I had finally earned some confidence.

Two clients is nice - but for you, I want better.

the attract your next three clients challenge is here!

april 8th-12th, 2019 in my free facebook group

 If you’re ready to use manifestation, strategy + mindset to attract your next three clients, sign up to join my free 5-day challenge:

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wait - what even is this?

It’s a free, five day challenge happening in my Facebook Group Aligned, Abundant Entrepreneurs and it combines the best marketing + online strategy tools with high vibe manifestation + abundance training so that you can call in + manifest your ideal clients like hotcakes any day of the week.

Every day from April 8th-12th, I’m going to go live to teach you another piece of having the mindset, vibration + strategy of consistent sales + leads into your business.

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day one:

We’re going to be taking a moment to own our power, decide on our goal + embody the version of ourselves that has already reached our goal.

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day two:

We’re building the habit of consistent, great-feeling visibility now. That way, your clients can easily find you, learn from you + hire you!

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Day three:

If you have a program that can change lives (and I know you do), but you aren’t sharing it with your audience, isn’t that a little selfish? Learn to serve through authentic selling + attract your dream clients!

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Day four:

We’re done with wondering: “what should I post?” from now on. We’re going to create a content calendar that attracts your future clients on autopilot.

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Day 5:

On friday, I’m going to share 5 quick tips you can use to get a client real quick, and we’re going to recap the whole challenge with a Q + A!


here’s what you’ll get with the challenge:

  • A live training in my Facebook Group

  • An email with a replay of the Live Video

  • Some super actionable homework (30 minutes tops!)

  • Q & A Access to me on each of the live videos

  • My best tips + tricks to manifest your dream client

IS this challenge for you?

This is perfect for you if:

  • You’re an ambitious achiever looking to manifest the life (+ business!) of your dreams

  • If you are ready to do the inner work it takes to attract your clients with your energy

  • If you’re tired of struggling and you’re ready to welcome in financial abundance

  • You want to hang out in a facebook group full of women who are ready to level up, just like you are

it’s not a good fit if:

  • You’re looking for instant results

  • You’re not into manifestation and shaping your reality with your thoughts

  • You’re not ready to believe that you deserve to live a full + abundant life

  • You’re going to love on this free content + but you’ll be mad when I invite you into my new, truly transformative, paid coaching offer

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 WHo am I?

I’m Andrea Ouellette (but just Andrea is fine!) and I’m a business success + manifestation coach for ambitious, service based soulpreneurs. I empower coaches, healers + lightworkers to run a profitable business that feels good to them so that they can manifest the life of their dreams.

I’m a plant mom, a cat mom, and an honorary mom to every friend I’ve had since I was 15. There’s nothing I care more about than helping other creative + spiritual women grow their businesses & embrace the freedom that comes with abundance, but salted caramel ice cream might come close.

I’m on a mission to fill the world with spiritual, ethical millionaires that lift up their communities. You in?


Here’s what my clients say about me:


 Listen, love:

I know it’s been hard till this point.
I know that running a business has a lot of ups + downs.
I know that the idea of trying something new can be exhausting.

learning to attract clients in a way that felt good to me was the best skill I ever learned.

It made running my business feel good. Like it mattered. Like I mattered.

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