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I'm here to help you crush your goals + make the most of your energy.

I'm Andrea Ouellette.  I'm a success + energy strategist for overworked, overwhelmed entrepreneurs who are ready to level up + crush their goals but are struggling to follow through.

When you work with your energy, you can go from goal-setting to goal-reaching, make more money + life life as a blissful business owner.

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struggling to reach your goals?

Get in on my custom, inspired action plans that break down your goals into 12 weekly milestones. They even come with coaching calls so you have the support you need to follow through!


growing your online biz?

You probably know (or are figuring out) juuust how much info there is out there - and the thing is, everyone says that their way is the only way. It leaves you with some major FOMO, right? What if you buy the wrong one??

My course, The Energetic Entrepreneur 101, is the answer to all that craziness. I’ve narrowed down the three most important areas of growth when you’re working on your business: Mindset, Strategy + Productivity - and I’ve created about 10 of the most important, foundation-building exercises for each category. I’m not here to overwhelm you, so I keep it simple. No BS, no fluff, and no wasting time by drowning you in a bunch of lessons that you’re not ready to apply - so if you’re trying to bring your business to 5 or 6 figures, The Energetic Entrepreneur 101 is your perfect starting point.


I live my life on the 'gram