The 5 crucial tips I teach to every new entrepreneur I work with

start a business in 2019

I remember when I knew I was going to be my own boss - I was a little girl, you know, the age when it actually dawns on you to ask your parents what their jobs are?  That age.  I asked my dad what his job was, and he says “I’m my own boss - I build houses.” And that’s when I knew.

Not the build houses part - that sounded terrible to 5 year old me - but the being your own boss part sounded amazing.  Now, I was a pretty bossy child & was constantly told not to be so bossy, but the idea that when I’m a grown-up, I’ll be able to be the boss of something sounded really good. 

So, that’s what I did. I jumped in when I was 15, I’ve started 7 businesses, and they grew from lemonade stands & craft fairs to an online education + coaching business.

And it’s been the best decision of my life so far.  Truly.  

I love being an entrepreneur.  I love being my own boss.  I love helping others start their businesses.  I love helping people make simple tweaks that make them more money.

But, I know not everyone had a lightbulb moment in pre-school where their career aspirations were decided for you.

And I know that jumping in and starting a business is scary (because I’ve done it 7 times.)

But what breaks my heart is when people know they want better for themselves. know they want to start a business, but for whatever reason, they don’t feel confident enough or ready enough to just jump in and do it.

If this sounds like you - I’m hosting a #5FigureBizPlan challenge on Jan 28 - Feb 1 2019, and I’ll be teaching you how to outline the foundation of a 5 figure business that supports your best life.  It’s totally free + it’s my favourite thing that I’ve done in a long time.  If you’d like to jump in, just sign up at the link below! 

So, without further ado,  I’m going to share my five favourite tips for the future CEO’s in the crowd - the people who are ready to stop holding themselves back + jump in.


This is the first thing to work on - because it will sneak up on you + sink your ship.  Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of motivation.  The downside of not having a boss tell you what to do is not having a boss to tell you what to do.  You have to be a self-starter + you have to have enough confidence to stick with a strategy even if it doesn’t seem to be working (which is a part of the process for pretty much all strategies you’ll apply). 

Working on your mindset is a fancy way of saying that you’re keeping your thoughts positive, you’re acting as though you have all of the opportunities you’ll ever need to be successful, and you’re taking care of + loving yourself for all of the awesomeness you do.  It means not getting hung up on unanswered emails, bad sales months + negative self talk. 

It’s not easy, but taking care of yourself + being aware of your mindset will have a bigger impact on your business than any strategy, website or logo ever could.


It’s important to have a constant awareness of the money flowing in + out of your business.  It can be tempting to close your eyes + ignore your businesses finances (because, let’s face it, not everyone feels great about money) but this will only make running your business harder. 

 I was a year into my business before I started looking at my finances.  I wanted to avoid them.  I didn’t like to look at the money I was (or wasn’t) making.  But that left me feeling out of control of my business, disempowered, and not at all how I imagined feeling when I pictured this when I was 5.  

So - keep an eye on your money.  At the very least, a spreadsheet that shows the money in + the money out for every month.  It feels really boss, I’m not gonna lie.


I know running a business can feel like you’ve got 1000 things on your to-do list, and that taking care of yourself is a thing of the past, but whatever self-care looks like for you has to be on your schedule.  You have to take time for yourself, to shut your brain off, to laugh + have fun, or you’re gonna burn out,  it’s as simple as that.  

And burn-out isn’t just being tired.  Burnout can land you in the hospital.  Burnout isn’t something to push through.  Burnout is a big deal, my friends.  So make time for yourself.  No one else will.  


There’s a saying that you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with - and I think that’s true.  I’m not saying to ditch all of your besties, but if you’re constantly surrounded by negative, unambitious people, they’ll will undoubtedly slow your progress.  

f you’re serious about moving forward, try adding some high energy, positive + ambitious people to your inner circle. whether that’s through meeting them in real life, or listening to great podcasts with awesome hosts while you get ready.  Surrounding yourself with the energy of ambitious go-getters is a great choice. because that energy will undoubtedly rub off on you (and who doesn’t want to look for some great friends that will improve their life??)


I have mental illness + chronic pain - so please, understand that I am in no way telling you to work 18 hour days, skip your sleep, or sacrifice your health.  What I am saying is that you should make an effort to set aside some energy everyday (or almost everyday) for your business.  For me, sometimes that’s 2 hours, and sometimes, when I get into a groove, it’s 9.  Just keep your business top of mind + do your best to check in on it consistently so that you keep moving your business forward.  

My business has fallen to the bottom of my priority list before - and if you’re worried about setting the right priorities, here’s how I make it work.  First, I take care of myself:  This means eating well, going outside + exercising regularly.  Then, I prioritize my family.  For me, that just means my honey & my bad cats (at least, that’s where I’m at right now).  Then, my business.  Then, everything else.  And for me, that’s perfect.  But if that’s not perfect for you, make some changes - just make sure your business is on that list.

Okay, so that’s my best tips for newbie entrepreneurs who are ready to make this happen (but aren’t sure how).  If there’s nothing else that you take from this article - please please PLEASE take care of yourself while you start your business & know that whether you are aware of it or not, you’ve got this.  The right strategies will take you far, but what takes you the farthest is simply committing to your business + yourself.

If you’ve read this + you’re thinking “you know what?  I think I’m ready!” Then I think I have the perfect thing for you.  I’m hosting a challenge from Jan 28 - Feb 1st 2019 to help you create a #5FigureBizPlan that you’ll actually stick to + follow so that you can get results.  If that sounds interesting to you, just sign up at the link below!  

I hope this catches you on a great day + gives you the inspiration you need to try something new + bet on yourself.

Lotsa love,