The SoulPreneur Tool Kit - 5 Incredible Tools to Make Growth Easy

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(Some posts on my website contain affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission for purchases made through that link. But just so you know, I only ever share products, services + tools that I absolutely love and would recommend to a client and use in my own business.)

I know what it’s like to know that you need to run a business.  You have a gift for inspiring, motivating + healing people, so you opened shop as a coach, healer or light worker, but it can be really overwhelming! Running a business has a lot of moving parts, right??  You’re feeling called to make this happen, but you’re getting bogged down in the day-to-day.  There’s so much that you don’t know, and you’re losing confidence in making this thing happen.

First, let me simplify things for you.  All you really need to worry about is perfecting your service and getting clients.  You can easily hit 1-2K months just focusing on that - so if you’re feeling super overwhelmed, my advice is to simplify.  Just focus on getting clients one or two ways, booking those clients, and giving them the best service you can.  You can do this over FB messenger or Instagram DM & have them pay via PayPal.  Make it easy for yourself.

But when you’re ready for growth, it’s time to introduce systems that make selling, booking, and marketing your business easy - all while treating it like a real business.  Like I said, if you’re just starting, by all means - get some money in the door + keep it simple.  That’s always your #1 priority.  

If 10K months are you goal, however, it’s time to get the robots to start doing some work for you.  Here are my favourite tools + systems for you to try out in your business if you’re ready to set yourself up for growth.


Listen, babe - if you want your business to make more money, it’s time to start paying attention to the money coming in + going out of your business!  It’s really important to be keeping track of your business expenses, your money coming in, what is selling really well + what needs work.  Even if you don’t LOVE what you learn, if you don’t start opening your eyes to your finances, you’ll really struggle to attract wealth into your business + life.  

Don’t wait until you think you’re ready.  Start tracking your money, honey!  If you close your eyes + try to ignore it, how are you showing the universe that you’re ready for more?

(Spoiler - you’re not.)

The bookkeeping software that I use + love is Freshbooks.  I’m not going to lie, Freshbooks is gorgeous - like Instagram gorgeous. I used to use it + love it, but I recently went back to it and it’s been a game changer.  Freshbooks makes me excited to manage my money.  Not only that, but it’s super easy to send receipts to your clients AND they can pay by credit card when you collect payments right in the software!  It’s a little more of an investment (about $30/monthly) but if you’re able to use it + it simplifies your life in a substantial way, I’d consider it money well spent.  If you’d like to check it out, you can right here + get your first 30 days free!

I also want to highlight something new that Freshbooks is rolling out this month - it’s called ACH payments.  It stands for Automated Clearing House payments - but that doesn’t matter.  What matters is that ACH payments are here to make your business easier to run, easier to sell with + easier to get paid.  When you use ACH payments, you get your funds deposited directly into your bank - meaning that the whole process to payment is faster AND easier for your clients.  There’s only a 1% transaction fee (that’s a seriously low rate, my friends) and it’s a total game changer if you’re looking to invest in a tool that simplifies your business while making it easier to make money.

It’s seriously a no-brainer feature.  I know there are a lot of tools out there that you can invest in, but if you’re just starting out + you want to make more space in your life, imagine if you could create invoices, recurring payments, accept credit cards, get paid out automatically and essentially completely automate that side of your business.  Now, imagine you’re doing that on a gorgeous, clean interface that you actually enjoy using.  


I’ve got to let you know, though, that if you’re outside of America, you don’t have ACH payments (yet).  As a Canadian, I'm really looking forward to having that feature available to me, but don’t get me wrong!  Even if you don’t have ACH payments yet, FreshBooks is still a no-brainer.  It will simultaneously up level your online business (by encouraging you to pay attention to your money + to make you excited when you actually start checking in to manage it), it will make it so much faster to get paid by your clients (send them an invoice using a super simple template that’s customized to your brand + accept credit card payments like it’s no big deal!) AND you get to do all this with a super simple software that makes it super easy.

If you’d like to jump in and try it out for free for 14 days, you can sign up here!


Hear me out - you probably need email marketing in your business.  Growing an email list is the #1 indicator of health in your business for one BIG reason:  it doesn’t matter if your business has a million followers - you don’t own your social media followers.  At any time, the algorithm could change (it’s happened before), you could get hacked (seriously), or the social media companies could make a change (like charging have your posts reach your followers) - and if you’re relying on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn to get your clients, you really have no backup plan for when things inevitably go into another direction.

Enter: email lists!  An email list is a list of followers that have shared their email with you in exchange for a “freebie” (usually a helpful PDF).  Here’s the thing:  you own it.  That is an asset that you own, and if you sell your company, you can sell your email list too (not that I’m suggesting it).  Another good thing to note is that a healthy email list converts at 3-5% - which means that if you email 100 engaged people on your email list, on average, 3-5 will buy.  

The number of people on your email list in the online business industry roughly reflects your monthly income - so if you have 60 people on your list, you’ll likely make around $60/month from your list.  If you balance emails with marketing on social media + other forms of outreach, you can even grow way beyond that point - your email list will simply be a healthy baseline.  

Starting your email list is simple - you just need software.  The two biggies are Mailchimp + Convertkit.  Mailchimp is the free option, perfect for someone who’s getting started with email lists.  You can create landing pages for people to sign up for your list, email your list + use some templates to customize it, but I’m not going to lie, it’s not my favourite.  It’s a little bit clunky + difficult to use, especially if you’re at the point where you’re looking to sort your audience, automate your newsletters + learn more about the interests of each client.  However, if you’re completely new to email marketing, I’d suggest Mailchimp to get started, get your first 100 or so followers, and then migrate them over to a software that’s easier to use, like ConvertKit.

ConvertKit is my favourite next step for online business owners.  Once you’ve gotten into the habit of collecting emails + emailing your list regularly (at LEAST once every two weeks) - then it’s time to upgrade.  With ConvertKit, you can separate + tag your subscribers super easily, you can send newsletters to your whole list, small sections, or anywhere in between, and you can create automations that make sure that your audience is getting the most relevant stuff from you at all times. 

I’d suggest that you pick a software to get started with, either Mailchimp or ConvertKit, think of a simple download you can quickly create that your audience will LOVE, and use the trainings that come with each software to connect it to your email list.  You’ll learn how to make a landing page to share this download with your people, and share it on all your socials, in FB groups, wherever you can!


I know that the to-do list of an entrepreneur can seem never-ending - and your reminders app on your phone probably gave up ages ago.  The fact is, to keep your content fiery, your business running smoothly + your head on smoothly, you need something that keeps your head in the game.  That’s where project management software comes in - you create “projects” in each software, and separate the task lists for each project.  You can set due dates for each task, view your upcoming due dates on a calendar, and keep control of your schedule.  

My favourite options are Asana + Trello.  I enjoy Asana’s interface + functionality a little bit more, but I use Trello simply because it has a desktop app for Mac users.  Asana makes it easy to separate projects into lists, but that functionality also exists within Trello - so don’t worry.  Asana has soft pink + white branding (which I’m obsessed with) and while Trello is blue, it’s easy to change your background photos for each project into whatever you’d like.

I’d suggest checking out Trello + Asana’s website, seeing which one you’d like better, and giving it a shot.  You don’t have to make a lifelong commitment, but it’s definitely a lot easier to make a decision on project management after using them for a period of time.  Try them out + pick your favourite, that’s what I did!


I know that email lists are important, but social media is still a sales powerhouse.  Keeping your business off of social media is leaving money on the table, simple as that - but I know how much time it can suck up.  If you’re trying to run a business, posting manually to your instagram isn’t always an option, and it’s usually time that should be spent on other points in your business - so it’s time to stop writing your posts on the fly.  By using a social media scheduling software, you’re able to be more strategic about what you’re posting + when, you’re able to plan your content around your sales and launches more easily, and most importantly - you can sit down for an hour + write a week’s worth of posts.  Doing your work in batches is a major game changer for your productivity, so sit down + write a weeks worth of posts at once, then you don’t have to worry about it!

The social media scheduler that i use + love is Later.  It’s meant for Instagram, but you can also use it to schedule Facebook posts!  I love it because it’s free, it allows me to upload a bunch of pictures at once, and I can autopost it straight to my Instagram without doing anything.  It’s been a big part of streamlining my business + it makes curating my feed so much easier!


This is great if you work with clients who need to meet with you - scheduling software allows you to upload your availability + have your clients book meetings with you at a time that works for them, completely eliminating the emailing back + forth to find a good time.  Not only does it make it easier for me to schedule my coaching client calls - but it also helps me to keep my calendar organized + my boundaries set.  I’m able to clearly list my availability so that my clients + customers have lots of options before they ask me to extend my hours - and since I have it synced to my google calendar, when someone books a call I’m able to quickly look at my calendar + see what time, even if I’m on the go and I only have one phone.

There are two major players here - Calendly + Acuity.  They both have great free plans, but if you need some more functionality (like accepting payment to book calls) - their monthly pricing is under $20/month.  Check out either option, make the most of those free trials + see what you like best!

So, there we have it - the Soulful Entrepreneur Business Tool Kit.  Because, let’s face it, growing your business doesn’t have to be hard.  These systems can really help you move the needle + simplify your business, which means you can get things running in less time, work less, and find more balance in your life.  Putting these systems in place not only makes your whole business look more legit to your customers, but doing this upfront work will feel like a major up level in your business.  Go ahead, implement these tools + let me know how it goes in the comments!

The 5 crucial tips I teach to every new entrepreneur I work with

start a business in 2019

I remember when I knew I was going to be my own boss - I was a little girl, you know, the age when it actually dawns on you to ask your parents what their jobs are?  That age.  I asked my dad what his job was, and he says “I’m my own boss - I build houses.” And that’s when I knew.

Not the build houses part - that sounded terrible to 5 year old me - but the being your own boss part sounded amazing.  Now, I was a pretty bossy child & was constantly told not to be so bossy, but the idea that when I’m a grown-up, I’ll be able to be the boss of something sounded really good. 

So, that’s what I did. I jumped in when I was 15, I’ve started 7 businesses, and they grew from lemonade stands & craft fairs to an online education + coaching business.

And it’s been the best decision of my life so far.  Truly.  

I love being an entrepreneur.  I love being my own boss.  I love helping others start their businesses.  I love helping people make simple tweaks that make them more money.

But, I know not everyone had a lightbulb moment in pre-school where their career aspirations were decided for you.

And I know that jumping in and starting a business is scary (because I’ve done it 7 times.)

But what breaks my heart is when people know they want better for themselves. know they want to start a business, but for whatever reason, they don’t feel confident enough or ready enough to just jump in and do it.

If this sounds like you - I’m hosting a #5FigureBizPlan challenge on Jan 28 - Feb 1 2019, and I’ll be teaching you how to outline the foundation of a 5 figure business that supports your best life.  It’s totally free + it’s my favourite thing that I’ve done in a long time.  If you’d like to jump in, just sign up at the link below! 

So, without further ado,  I’m going to share my five favourite tips for the future CEO’s in the crowd - the people who are ready to stop holding themselves back + jump in.


This is the first thing to work on - because it will sneak up on you + sink your ship.  Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of motivation.  The downside of not having a boss tell you what to do is not having a boss to tell you what to do.  You have to be a self-starter + you have to have enough confidence to stick with a strategy even if it doesn’t seem to be working (which is a part of the process for pretty much all strategies you’ll apply). 

Working on your mindset is a fancy way of saying that you’re keeping your thoughts positive, you’re acting as though you have all of the opportunities you’ll ever need to be successful, and you’re taking care of + loving yourself for all of the awesomeness you do.  It means not getting hung up on unanswered emails, bad sales months + negative self talk. 

It’s not easy, but taking care of yourself + being aware of your mindset will have a bigger impact on your business than any strategy, website or logo ever could.


It’s important to have a constant awareness of the money flowing in + out of your business.  It can be tempting to close your eyes + ignore your businesses finances (because, let’s face it, not everyone feels great about money) but this will only make running your business harder. 

 I was a year into my business before I started looking at my finances.  I wanted to avoid them.  I didn’t like to look at the money I was (or wasn’t) making.  But that left me feeling out of control of my business, disempowered, and not at all how I imagined feeling when I pictured this when I was 5.  

So - keep an eye on your money.  At the very least, a spreadsheet that shows the money in + the money out for every month.  It feels really boss, I’m not gonna lie.


I know running a business can feel like you’ve got 1000 things on your to-do list, and that taking care of yourself is a thing of the past, but whatever self-care looks like for you has to be on your schedule.  You have to take time for yourself, to shut your brain off, to laugh + have fun, or you’re gonna burn out,  it’s as simple as that.  

And burn-out isn’t just being tired.  Burnout can land you in the hospital.  Burnout isn’t something to push through.  Burnout is a big deal, my friends.  So make time for yourself.  No one else will.  


There’s a saying that you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with - and I think that’s true.  I’m not saying to ditch all of your besties, but if you’re constantly surrounded by negative, unambitious people, they’ll will undoubtedly slow your progress.  

f you’re serious about moving forward, try adding some high energy, positive + ambitious people to your inner circle. whether that’s through meeting them in real life, or listening to great podcasts with awesome hosts while you get ready.  Surrounding yourself with the energy of ambitious go-getters is a great choice. because that energy will undoubtedly rub off on you (and who doesn’t want to look for some great friends that will improve their life??)


I have mental illness + chronic pain - so please, understand that I am in no way telling you to work 18 hour days, skip your sleep, or sacrifice your health.  What I am saying is that you should make an effort to set aside some energy everyday (or almost everyday) for your business.  For me, sometimes that’s 2 hours, and sometimes, when I get into a groove, it’s 9.  Just keep your business top of mind + do your best to check in on it consistently so that you keep moving your business forward.  

My business has fallen to the bottom of my priority list before - and if you’re worried about setting the right priorities, here’s how I make it work.  First, I take care of myself:  This means eating well, going outside + exercising regularly.  Then, I prioritize my family.  For me, that just means my honey & my bad cats (at least, that’s where I’m at right now).  Then, my business.  Then, everything else.  And for me, that’s perfect.  But if that’s not perfect for you, make some changes - just make sure your business is on that list.

Okay, so that’s my best tips for newbie entrepreneurs who are ready to make this happen (but aren’t sure how).  If there’s nothing else that you take from this article - please please PLEASE take care of yourself while you start your business & know that whether you are aware of it or not, you’ve got this.  The right strategies will take you far, but what takes you the farthest is simply committing to your business + yourself.

If you’ve read this + you’re thinking “you know what?  I think I’m ready!” Then I think I have the perfect thing for you.  I’m hosting a challenge from Jan 28 - Feb 1st 2019 to help you create a #5FigureBizPlan that you’ll actually stick to + follow so that you can get results.  If that sounds interesting to you, just sign up at the link below!  

I hope this catches you on a great day + gives you the inspiration you need to try something new + bet on yourself.

Lotsa love,



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PSST - This is a podcast episode! If you’d like to listen, check it out through the player above or using the buttons below!

This is episode one of two episodes on email marketing episodes where I give you my honest opinion on email marketing strategies, business strategy + online business strategy. Since being intentional about my email list was the main thing I did to uplevel my business last year, I knew I had to share this with you. This episode is perfect for you if you want to be more intentional + grow your profits this year in your business & you're wondering if email marketing is the way to do that.

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EP 51: 5 Ways To Jumpstart Your Sunday For Your Best Week Ever

Energetic Entrepreneur ep 51 Jessica Lauren

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This episode is for the people fighting the #SundayScaries and dread mondays in a major way.. Jessica Lauren from No Real Jewelry + the Sunday Jumpstart Podcast came on The Energetic Entrepreneur to share her top 5 things to do on a Sunday to set yourself up for a successful, productive week.

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EP 50 - My 2019 Resolutions + How to Stick to Your Resolutions

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PSST - THIS IS A PODCAST EPISODE! If you’d like to listen, you can click the buttons below or search The Energetic Entrepreneur on iTunes or Spotify!

Happy New Year, entrepreneurs! I'm so excited about this episode!

Today, I'm breaking down my resolutions for 2019, looking back on 2018 and what that meant for me, and I'm sharing where I'll be focusing my energy to reach my goals. I'm also going to talk about building new habits that make your goals more reachable, so that you can also look forward to growing your business and improving your life this year.

I know that 2019 is going to mean big things for a lot of people, myself included - but if you're finding this after the new year, know that you can decide on a fresh start at any point, and that I'm excited to go on this journey with you.

If you'd like to connect with me, share your goals, or just show your love for this episode, instagram is my favourite place! You can find me

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If you'd like to hang out with Chelsea online, you can find her WebsiteInstagram + Podcast here.




Thanks for hanging out with me! I hope this episode fills your sails & waters your roots.


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Today on the podcast, I'm talking to literal beacon of light, Martina Fink. Martina is a health coach based in Zurich & she is a powerhouse. She teaches all about how to live a glowing life on her podcast, her social media & through coaching packages + retreats.

In this episode, she shares what it means to live a glowing life, how that can look for you & how to tune in to really tap into your best self.

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I hope this episode fills your sails & waters your roots!

Until next time,


how to up level and Reach your goals in 2019 (+ beyond!)


So, here’s the thing about goal setting - but hear me out, because I have a kind of unpopular opinion.  Goal setting is all well + good, but people spend a lot of time on MAKING goals instead of REACHING them, especially when it involves working on your business goals.  And please know, I understand.  I understand that making goals can be intimidating, that it’s easy to convince yourself that creating the perfect goal will mean that it gets done perfectly, that the idea of failing at something is enough to make us freeze + stop taking action altogether. 

I know that + I hear you - those are all the reasons that I get nervous about setting goals myself.

But at the end of the day, I think we need to stop focusing so much on setting the perfect goal + start focusing on REACHING them.  Even if your goal isn’t perfect.  Even if you are a little nervous you might be going in the wrong direction.  

Making it a habit to reach your goals does something wonderful for you - not only have you reached a goal, you’ve shown yourself that you are a finisher.  You get things done.

So, no, I’m not here to tell you how to set goals - I’m in the business of reaching them.  Is setting the right type of goal important?  Yes, but for most of you, it’s secondary.  If you’ve got a good idea of your business + your goal is related to moving it forward, then just commit + do it - because a lot of you are so close.  

The goals you’re making are focused enough to move you forward, but you’re wasting time and half committing because you’re not sure if your revenue goal should be $30,000 or $50,000.  Because it’s easier to half-commit, fail + blame the plan than it is to really commit, dig deep + work in uncertainty.

And that mindset is holding you back.

Since I’m in the business of goal reaching - here’s my big tip.  But I’ll tell you now, it’s nothing new, I think you might just need to hear it again: 

You need to focus on your goal.


Imagine you’re running a race - you’re on the track team and you’re in your little lane, ready to go.  You don’t know if you’re the fastest, strongest, or best in the lineup - but you’re in your lane, ready to run, and the goal is the finish line.  When the gun is shot + the race starts, you’re going.  You’re getting to that finish line.  There’s probably other stuff you need to do that day, but it’s race time, and when it’s race time, that’s all you worry about.

Another thing that helps a lot is to know where you’re going.  Know where you’re putting your feet.  The big goal is the finish line, but where do you have to put your feet to get there? What actions can you take to actually achieve this goal?  It’s easy to understand when you think about running a race - you run to the end of your lane, that’s where you go + the way is more or less clear.  But when it comes to business goals, do you know where you’re going?  Do you have milestones, or mini-goals, that signify the regular progress you make along the way?  

I talk to a lot of business owners about reaching their goals - and these two things always seem to be the game changers.  They seem obvious, so we don’t pay attention to them & it slips between the cracks - but when you have goals you want to reach, you really can’t pay enough attention to them.

When someone comes to me asking about a certain goal, I always start working on it by asking “are you consistently dedicating enough energy to that goal?” I ask this because when a goal starts to get difficult, or hard to achieve, it’s natural to want to spend less energy on it - and it might even start to slip from our schedule without us noticing.  It’s normal, so don’t worry about it, but make sure to be deliberate about the high-quality energy that you’re spending on this goal.

Then, I ask the second question, and this one’s a little harder.   I ask “What small steps are you taking to reach your goal?”  This is crucial, because if you don’t know the action steps to your goal, it doesn’t matter how much energy you dedicate to it - it’s just not going to work out.  Small action steps are the key to moving from goal-setting to goal-reaching.

I know that growing a business + reaching your goals can be intimidating, but this work is worth it.  Reaching your goals is not only a great way to improve your life + biz in general, but it makes you feel more confident and capable when other challenges come up.  This wasn’t something that came naturally to me - the early days of running my business left me feeling overwhelmed and incapable.  I constantly felt like there was something wrong with me - and I’d really made a big leap to pursue this business over going back to school + starting a career in corporate Public Relations.  I was terrified but optimistic, and even though it was slow going at first, I never quit on myself, instead, I committed to constantly improving + bringing my best self to the table.  I decided that I was a finisher, and that my goals were non-negotiable.

I’d love to say that this shift was all me, but while I did a lot of the work on my own, I have to credit my incredible brand designer + coach, Maria Wendt, for helping me make this shift.  She was an incredible sounding board + gave me lots of direction as I worked to grow my business, and I’m so grateful for how much care she showed me + how much support she’s given me throughout this process.  Talking to her made my goals seem a lot more doable, and it taught me to inspire this shift in myself and to how to bring this shift forward in other people.  So, that being said, it’s okay if you’re not a natural at this yet.  Almost no one is.

Now, I teach people to succeed through reaching their goals - after making this major change in my mindset, I went from being a productivity coach to a Success + Energy Strategist, and I help entrepreneurs break their goals down, focus their energy, and create action plans that actually get things done.  I work with + support entrepreneurs with big goals + dreams, but not enough time or energy to make them happen.  I’m so grateful that I took the time to work on my own goal-reaching, because this is something that not only grew my business + life, but helped me show up for my clients in a bigger way to get them the results they really craved.  I even have a package all about goal reaching - you meet with me, share about your goals + biz, I make a 90-Day Action Plan for you with 12 weekly milestones to meet, we meet again to set you on your way, and BOOM, you’ve got a roadmap to crush your goals.  And on top of that, I also create a checklist of daily tasks that will move your business forward, so that every single day you’re moving towards your goal.

So, here it is.  My method to take overwhelmed entrepreneurs from goal-setting to goal-crushing. It’s pretty basic - you just need to set aside energy in your everyday life + break your goal down into action-steps.  And when I share this method + work with people, I always promise them this: if you make a commitment to consistently reaching your goals, you will live a life you’ve never dreamed of.  Because the thing is, not only are you reaching your goals + getting the goods from that, you’re also discovering how unlimited your potential is + how capable and confident you really are - and that’s the type of stuff that changes lives.

If you’re ready to start crushing your goals, my advice to you is to get started.  Today. My method is a great place to start if you’re a little overwhelmed by your goals and you want to keep it simple, but the thing is:  it’s up to you to follow through + be the finisher that I know you can be. Trust me, if I can be a finisher, you can too.

But, if you’d like a little extra support to crush those big goals + make things happen in your life, then I’m your girl.  I break down goals in a way that gets them done + works with your life, and because I’ve streamlined my method + process so much, you’ll be well on your way with your 90-Day Action Plan in a few weeks.  If you’d like to check it out, you can get more info here.  

I’m so proud of you for showing up + investing energy into your goals - it’s not easy work to do.

Lotsa love,

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