How I Share Essential Oils with my Boyfriend

I think I've made it clear by now that essential oils are everything to me.  In my opinion, they're called essential oils because they're essential (that's not really why, though, I'm just trying to be funny).  I talked about how I use them to better my mood and productivity over here, But I also use them in my cleaning and hygiene routines, and my diffuser is usually just hummin' away, making my house smell nice, all clean and good vibes-y.  So yeah, I'm pretty into it, and in classic "Andrea" style, my interest has turned into a bit of an obsession.

My boyfriend, however, like most humans, doesn't get immediately obsessed with new things, so while he enjoys the oils, he doesn't get too overly involved in the process.  For the most part, he doesn't  use them on his own, so if he's coming into contact with them, it's because of my scheming.  It's the loving, fun kind of scheming, but he tells me he enjoys it, and what's nice about essential oils is that using them on your partner means you get to smell it too, so you're getting some aromatherapy out of it.  It's kind of the gift that keeps on giving.


1.  Massage

Since my love language is touch, we both give and receive a lot of massage, and I honestly couldn't recommend it more.  Neither of us begrudges it, and after a long day, we both love it.  What I like to do is melt a little coconut oil in a bowl or jar (maybe 1/4 of a cup) and add a little lavender or eucalyptus oil (or both!) to it, and we massage each other's hands with our nice, DIY massage oil.

I've just got to add though, if you're using the oils topically (directly on your skin) you need to dilute them in some way.  Putting the oil on your skin directly is likely too strong.  I diluted mine in coconut oil, but there are lots of different carrier oils you can use.  You can even add a few drops into your lotion!  Keep your skin safe, people!

2.  In the air

Another great way to use essential oils is in your environment.  I personally feel like it improves the energy of my home, it makes our time feel more relaxed and it kind of helps cleaning pack a bit more of a punch than usual.  I have a gorgeous purifying blend that's full of things like tea tree and eucalyptus which helps to purify the air and gives a really crisp, woodsy smell.  I love diffusing that when I'm cleaning.  I kind of think about it like it's cleaning the air, and it makes the house smell SO CLEAN AND FRESH.

I also like to diffuse different oils for different reasons.  In the evening, I like to diffuse more relaxing oils (Lavender is my favourite right now), but uplifting, happy oils are my favourite the rest of the time.  Think citrus.  They're really stimulating, though, so if I'm already pretty caffeinated or wound up I'll pick one that's better for unwinding. 

3.  In his shower products

My honey wakes up super early for work and usually showers in the morning, so I figured he could use a little boost.  I usually add 4-5 drops of peppermint into his bottle of body wash, and we both love it.  It smells really clean and crisp, and it adds a really nice peppermint note to all of the body washes I've experimented on, so our hugs are getting creepily long.  He loves the smell, and says it feels tingly and refreshing on the skin.  Cooling peppermint is perfect for a little zip in a 5am shower. 

4.  In his skincare

My honey has a skin care routine, and I live for it.  It mostly involves taking my old things, but he's taking care of himself and that's what counts. 

His skincare mostly consists of a facewash, whatever moisturizer I'm currently using, and some type of essential oil.  If he's breaking out, he'll swipe a little tea tree oil to bring down the redness and calm it down, but I've also been known to sneak some orange essential oil to his moisturizer and he loved it.  "Why does this moisturizer smell happy?"

5.  In a warm bath

Is there any better way to spend time than in the bath?  No, absolutely not. 

My man snowboards all winter, so by the time he gets home from the hill, he's chilled and a little sore, and ready for a bath.  I like to draw him a bath in our nice, clean bathroom, maybe light him a candle, and get it all relaxing and cozy for him for when he gets home.  He really appreciates it, and the eucalyptus helps lots with his sore muscles and any congestion he might have going on from the cold

Chris and I enjoy a lot of closeness in our relationship, and that's because I've noticed we serve each other a lot in our daily lives.  Surprise baths, massages, and other little gestures really encourage us to spend time with each other, as well as enjoy the other's service for a long period of time.  When Chris gives me a massage, not only do I get to enjoy a massage, but I get to sit there in bliss, thinking about how great he is for the whole time.  When I run him a bath, he gets to sit there and enjoy it the entire time.  It's good to reflect on how great your partner is, and essential oils definitely have given me new ways to bring us together. 

Dipping My Toes: Essential Oils

I've been experimenting with a new thing lately.  I've been documenting my journey as I explore new interests, even before I know everything I can about them.  If I make a mistake, its not the end of the world.  The Dipping My Toes series isn't free of mistakes, and it isn't meant to be perfect, in fact, think of it as an appetizer.  If you're in to what I'm talking about, its just enough discussion to get you to branch out and learn more (which I highly encourage).  If you're not in to what I'm talking about, maybe just be inspired by my courage to be vulnerable and go for it.


Something has awoken in me.    I'd heard of essential oils for years and never took interest, I'd even bought them to make DIY beauty products, nothing.  But my sister bought me these oils for Christmas from Saje wellness and they intrigued me.  She got me a diffuser too, which is by far my favourite way to use them.  Then,  I got some lavender essential oil, followed by lemon and orange.  I use the lemon and orange in cleaning products as well as in my diffuser, and I even added some to my beauty routine. 

But it hasn't stopped there.  I search things like "unique ways to use essential oils" all the time, in fact, I just ordered a pack of 16 and new diffuser from Amazon, and even sprung for speedy shipping (so you know I'm serious).  But honestly, diffusing essential oil that energizes me in the morning or calms me at night feels very indulgent and nurturing myself in this way makes me feel well.  So onward I go, down what will likely be a spiral.

Essential oils are something everyone uses differently.  Some people use them by sprinkling them through their home, in cleaning products, in beauty products, in reed or ultrasonic diffusers, in recipes, or as a means to cleanse bad energy.  I'm sure I'm missing lots of examples, but really the only limit is your creativity.  I think the "make your own adventure" aspect of essential oils is what really draws me in about it.


My favourite way to use essential oils is to diffuse them.  I got my diffuser for Christmas and keep it running all day.  It shuts off automatically every three hours, so that's when I usually decide if I want to change up my scents, keep it the same, or change spots in my house.  I'm constantly unplugging my diffuser to bring it with me throughout my day.  If I'm switching rooms long enough to bring my phone, then I'm probably switching long enough to bring my diffuser, especially because ultrasonic diffusers help purify the air I breathe.

I like to change what oils I use to suit my mood.  I'm definitely here for the aromatherapy aspect.  If I need a little boost in the morning, some citrus essential oil in my body lotion does quite nicely, or maybe diffused in the bathroom as I get ready.  I don't know if it’s a placebo effect but it really gives me a happy little boost of focus and energy, and it honestly makes my life feel much more enjoyable.  Customizing scents to optimize my performance? Yes please!

Sometimes though, some scents just lend themselves perfectly to certain things.  I love cleaning my kitchen with lemon essential oil, because it smells so fresh and so clean.  I love to put a few drops of tea tree into my skincare routine, because I've noticed it really helps keep my skin clear (always dilute it with a carrier oil though! I'm serious, full strength essential oils can burn the skin).  I also love to put a few drops onto unscented tea light wax to add a little oily ambiance. 

I feel the need to reiterate once more that I'm no expert on essential oils, nor do I sell them.  They've added a cool new dynamic to my life and I'm loving the process of tailoring my environment to condone a certain result, but that’s really the end of it for me at the moment.  If you have more info you'd like to give me, feel free to drop me a comment or a message and let me know!  This is all about learning as I go, and I'd just love your input.

How I Use Essential Oils to Boost My Mood + Productivity

Anyone who knows me knows I have a new obsession: essential oils.  I have my diffuser running constantly, I have a few oils (more on the way!!!!!!!) that I keep in near constant rotation, and many are beneficial in multiple ways.  I love the aromatherapy aspect and find it resounds best for me, but they can also be used topically, in natural cleaners, or pretty much however you choose!  Check out Pinterest for tons of resources on essential oils, it's where I get most of my information. 

**disclaimer** I do not sell essential oils, so I won't be using this post to get you to buy my products.  I just buy what I can afford as I see it on my travels and I add to my collection as I go.  If I find something I can really get behind, I'll recommend it, but while I'm loving essential oils, I don't know enough to recommend a specific brand yet. 

I can't say that I have a favourite essential oil.  Despite being in my mid twenties, my face breaks out like a 13-year-old so tea tree is my favourite to incorporate into my skincare routine, but I'm not huge on the smell.  And while I have certain scents that I love, I find using essential oils to give me a certain effect to be wayyyyy more powerful in my own life.  I'm not only smelling yummy smells, but I'm contributing to a more tailored environment?  YES PLEASE.

Essential oils for energy

I like to diffuse citrus essential oils in the morning.  Right now I only have orange and lemon, but I'm getting LOTS more from amazon.  They should even be here tonight!  I find that diffusing either helps to perk me up and boost my mood in the mornings, and really, are you surprised?  Even if aromatherapy is a bunch of crap (I really think it isn't), starting your day with bright smelling, fragrant essential oils sounds like the right way to start your day for me. 

I also find citrus helps me boost my mood and morale.  Everything doesn't seem quite so hard or bad when I've got my diffuser purring away, especially with a citrusy oil in there.  I’m not sure if its just because I love the smell of citrus or what, but if it makes it easier for me to stay positive and happy, I'm all for it. 

Essential oils for mood

When my mood is low, I tend to notice that my energy is low too.  Boosting one tends to boost the other, so citrus works really well for me.  I think every citrus oil also has both mood boosting and energizing properties, so it makes sense that I'd feel this effect.  I know when my order comes in, though, I'll probably have lots to experiment with, and I'm excited to try some oils that boost my mood without boosting my energy.  Time for a blissed out bedtime.

Essential oils for focus

I diffuse essential oils while I'm working all the time.  At home, when I'm writing a blog post, I've got a diffuser next to me, but even at work waiting tables I'll wear a diffuser necklace that I can smell for a little boost when I need it.  I find it really easy for me to get discouraged and worn down (especially as a waitress - talking to that many people really drains my energy) so I find citrusy oils that give me a little energy and mood boost are super valuable on the go.

I've also used peppermint and spearmint oil in the past, and found those super helpful in keeping me focused and alert while studying for tests in university but haven't used them much since.  I have some in a little rollerball that I tend to roll on when I'm getting overwhelmed, tense or just need some help.  The strong, cooling scent is really fresh and soothing, and it makes everything feel a little more spa-like.

I'm seriously loving essential oils as of late, and I'm pretty mad at myself for not jumping on board sooner.  If this sparks your interest at all, seriously give them a go.  I got lots of mine at Walmart, and you can drop them on a clothespin and clip it on your car vent.  It doesn't have to cost you a ton of money, and they're definitely not a necessity, but they're lots of fun.  I think you should try it.