How I Use Essential Oils to Boost My Mood + Productivity

Anyone who knows me knows I have a new obsession: essential oils.  I have my diffuser running constantly, I have a few oils (more on the way!!!!!!!) that I keep in near constant rotation, and many are beneficial in multiple ways.  I love the aromatherapy aspect and find it resounds best for me, but they can also be used topically, in natural cleaners, or pretty much however you choose!  Check out Pinterest for tons of resources on essential oils, it's where I get most of my information. 

**disclaimer** I do not sell essential oils, so I won't be using this post to get you to buy my products.  I just buy what I can afford as I see it on my travels and I add to my collection as I go.  If I find something I can really get behind, I'll recommend it, but while I'm loving essential oils, I don't know enough to recommend a specific brand yet. 

I can't say that I have a favourite essential oil.  Despite being in my mid twenties, my face breaks out like a 13-year-old so tea tree is my favourite to incorporate into my skincare routine, but I'm not huge on the smell.  And while I have certain scents that I love, I find using essential oils to give me a certain effect to be wayyyyy more powerful in my own life.  I'm not only smelling yummy smells, but I'm contributing to a more tailored environment?  YES PLEASE.

Essential oils for energy

I like to diffuse citrus essential oils in the morning.  Right now I only have orange and lemon, but I'm getting LOTS more from amazon.  They should even be here tonight!  I find that diffusing either helps to perk me up and boost my mood in the mornings, and really, are you surprised?  Even if aromatherapy is a bunch of crap (I really think it isn't), starting your day with bright smelling, fragrant essential oils sounds like the right way to start your day for me. 

I also find citrus helps me boost my mood and morale.  Everything doesn't seem quite so hard or bad when I've got my diffuser purring away, especially with a citrusy oil in there.  Iā€™m not sure if its just because I love the smell of citrus or what, but if it makes it easier for me to stay positive and happy, I'm all for it. 

Essential oils for mood

When my mood is low, I tend to notice that my energy is low too.  Boosting one tends to boost the other, so citrus works really well for me.  I think every citrus oil also has both mood boosting and energizing properties, so it makes sense that I'd feel this effect.  I know when my order comes in, though, I'll probably have lots to experiment with, and I'm excited to try some oils that boost my mood without boosting my energy.  Time for a blissed out bedtime.

Essential oils for focus

I diffuse essential oils while I'm working all the time.  At home, when I'm writing a blog post, I've got a diffuser next to me, but even at work waiting tables I'll wear a diffuser necklace that I can smell for a little boost when I need it.  I find it really easy for me to get discouraged and worn down (especially as a waitress - talking to that many people really drains my energy) so I find citrusy oils that give me a little energy and mood boost are super valuable on the go.

I've also used peppermint and spearmint oil in the past, and found those super helpful in keeping me focused and alert while studying for tests in university but haven't used them much since.  I have some in a little rollerball that I tend to roll on when I'm getting overwhelmed, tense or just need some help.  The strong, cooling scent is really fresh and soothing, and it makes everything feel a little more spa-like.

I'm seriously loving essential oils as of late, and I'm pretty mad at myself for not jumping on board sooner.  If this sparks your interest at all, seriously give them a go.  I got lots of mine at Walmart, and you can drop them on a clothespin and clip it on your car vent.  It doesn't have to cost you a ton of money, and they're definitely not a necessity, but they're lots of fun.  I think you should try it.