Dipping My Toes: The Law of Attraction

This is really something I don't know a lot about, but I have tons of interest in it.  I'll try my best to give you a definition, but this is definitely one of those more "woowoo," pseudoscience topics.  Straight up, this might not be for you, that's super ok.  I have other posts you can check out, but if you think I'm too weird now you can take off.  No hard feelings, at all.  You might not be open to it, but I know that recently, I'm open to it and I really want to talk about it.  I don't know everything about it, but I'll share what I've learned so far.  Discovering something new is always exciting, and its ok if yourealize you were wrong about something and have to go back on it and correct yourself.  As always, consider this written in pencil, a working piece on what I've learned so far and what I hope to learn. 

The Law of Attraction is basically like attracts like, but in this context it’s the honing of your own energy into a peaceful positivity that attracts abundance .  Like The Secret.  The Law of attraction is heavily into self-development, because the whole idea is about opening yourself up as a vessel of positivity to allow the universe's good energy to flow through you.  If you're holding onto negative energy, that messes up the process.  Most of the sources I've found have emphasized meditation, introspection and mindset work to find that piece of flow.

It seems a little like magic, I know, but I love magic.  Not specifically slight of hand magic, but "the universe works in mysterious ways" kind of magic.  As a child, my imagination ran wild, but I sort of pushed it down when I got to high school, because high school is hard enough when your main interest is the baritone sax. And really, even if it's all crap and it doesn't work at all, every resource I've found exemplifies people who are vibrantly in love with their daily practice and love attributing their good fortune to the law of attraction.  Is it the placebo effect?  Maybe.  But they're having so much fun doing it, I figured that I would join the party.


Harnessing the law of attraction seems to be a life long process that leads you down a very windy road with a lot of ups and downs.  It's a little intimidating to know where to start, but I've been implementing small changes to see what I can do to improve my life.  But before I tell you what I've been doing, I'm going to share my mindset around the whole thing (which I think is the main reason I've found any success at all).  I approach the law of attraction with the mindset of this might work, this might not.  I'm not going to stop working hard for my goals, and if this helps, great.  If it doesn't, I'll simply live a more blissed out life while I rely on my hard work to get me there.  That's been my key moving forward as I implement small changes to dip my toes into this new, exciting, very complex thing. 

The way I have been trying this out for myself has been through meditation, yoga, and generally trying to find more stillness and peace.  I really try to lean into more blissed out, peaceful feelings, I try to not take any good fortune for granted (even just a green light warrants a little "thank you" in my books) and when I get derailed, I try to look hard at what exactly caused it.  Usually, when I get derailed its not about someone else's action as much as it's about my own fear:  I can't believe this ass just cut me off!  Now I missed the light!  It's not really about that, it's about now I'm going to be late.  I knew I was cutting it close when I left the house.  My boss will think I'm irresponsible and I'm going to be all flustered and off my game for my first few tables.  Now my customers AND my boss will think I'm a spazzy idiot.  When I'm in that headspace, it seems like my day only gets worse, but if I step back and re-evaluate the same scenario from a more positive mindset, I still might get angry, but it rolls off my back much quicker and I can get back into my positive flow much faster.  Here's an example:  Wow, I just got cut off, HARD.  I should have left earlier, I'll be cutting it close to get to work now.  That doesn’t make a great impression.  At least, when I start working, I know I do a good job so I'll be able to demonstrate my worth again to anyone who had to cover for me, and next time I'll get up 15 minutes earlier and NOT turn on Youtube until I'm ready.  This puts the responsibility back on me, and even though blaming others might be easier in the moment, I've found that life is a lot less scary when you realize you create your own reality instead of just waiting for things to happen to you.  Owning the scenario, having a plan so you don't put yourself in the same situation again and not making excuses seems to be a crucial daily practice (yes I do this EVERY DAY) to supplement my yoga, meditation and mindfulness and find my "flow."

I've mostly explored this through podcasts, so I'll link some down below for you, but I've also dug around for more resources that might be helpful.  The Lively Show has a series called the "Quantum Living Quick Guide" that I found immensely helpful, and there's also a widely popular book called The Secret as well as a documentary.  As I'm still exploring this myself, I don't have tons to offer you, but if this continues to resound with me I'll be posting more as I learn more.