Dipping My Toes: Essential Oils

I've been experimenting with a new thing lately.  I've been documenting my journey as I explore new interests, even before I know everything I can about them.  If I make a mistake, its not the end of the world.  The Dipping My Toes series isn't free of mistakes, and it isn't meant to be perfect, in fact, think of it as an appetizer.  If you're in to what I'm talking about, its just enough discussion to get you to branch out and learn more (which I highly encourage).  If you're not in to what I'm talking about, maybe just be inspired by my courage to be vulnerable and go for it.


Something has awoken in me.    I'd heard of essential oils for years and never took interest, I'd even bought them to make DIY beauty products, nothing.  But my sister bought me these oils for Christmas from Saje wellness and they intrigued me.  She got me a diffuser too, which is by far my favourite way to use them.  Then,  I got some lavender essential oil, followed by lemon and orange.  I use the lemon and orange in cleaning products as well as in my diffuser, and I even added some to my beauty routine. 

But it hasn't stopped there.  I search things like "unique ways to use essential oils" all the time, in fact, I just ordered a pack of 16 and new diffuser from Amazon, and even sprung for speedy shipping (so you know I'm serious).  But honestly, diffusing essential oil that energizes me in the morning or calms me at night feels very indulgent and nurturing myself in this way makes me feel well.  So onward I go, down what will likely be a spiral.

Essential oils are something everyone uses differently.  Some people use them by sprinkling them through their home, in cleaning products, in beauty products, in reed or ultrasonic diffusers, in recipes, or as a means to cleanse bad energy.  I'm sure I'm missing lots of examples, but really the only limit is your creativity.  I think the "make your own adventure" aspect of essential oils is what really draws me in about it.


My favourite way to use essential oils is to diffuse them.  I got my diffuser for Christmas and keep it running all day.  It shuts off automatically every three hours, so that's when I usually decide if I want to change up my scents, keep it the same, or change spots in my house.  I'm constantly unplugging my diffuser to bring it with me throughout my day.  If I'm switching rooms long enough to bring my phone, then I'm probably switching long enough to bring my diffuser, especially because ultrasonic diffusers help purify the air I breathe.

I like to change what oils I use to suit my mood.  I'm definitely here for the aromatherapy aspect.  If I need a little boost in the morning, some citrus essential oil in my body lotion does quite nicely, or maybe diffused in the bathroom as I get ready.  I don't know if it’s a placebo effect but it really gives me a happy little boost of focus and energy, and it honestly makes my life feel much more enjoyable.  Customizing scents to optimize my performance? Yes please!

Sometimes though, some scents just lend themselves perfectly to certain things.  I love cleaning my kitchen with lemon essential oil, because it smells so fresh and so clean.  I love to put a few drops of tea tree into my skincare routine, because I've noticed it really helps keep my skin clear (always dilute it with a carrier oil though! I'm serious, full strength essential oils can burn the skin).  I also love to put a few drops onto unscented tea light wax to add a little oily ambiance. 

I feel the need to reiterate once more that I'm no expert on essential oils, nor do I sell them.  They've added a cool new dynamic to my life and I'm loving the process of tailoring my environment to condone a certain result, but that’s really the end of it for me at the moment.  If you have more info you'd like to give me, feel free to drop me a comment or a message and let me know!  This is all about learning as I go, and I'd just love your input.