BWYP EP 29: The Sneaky Dangers & Symptoms of Burnout & My Burnout Story

So, burnout has sort of turned into this phenomenon that people just kind of wait for & deal with when it comes, and for business owners, it can feel as common as a cold & it's not okay.

In this week's episode, I'm sharing a little bit about burnout - what it is, what it feels like & what to do about it. Because, the thing is, as you'll learn from my own burnout story, it really knocks you on your ass & it doesn't have to. Building a business around smart, sustainable business habits (even a million dollar business like the one I'm growing) is always the smarter, more sustainable move.

Since this is a podcast episode, you can listen on the player on this post or you can click the links below to listen elsewhere.  I hope you love this episode - I really loved making it!  It's something a little different for me, but I'd love to do more educational episodes like this if you're all into it!