BWYP EP 32 - Fuelling Your Body with Plants for Creative Energy with Sarah Hagstrom from The Seasonal Diet

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Today, I brought on plant-based health coach Sarah Hagstrom from The Seasonal Diet, but don't worry - even if you eat meat this one is still for you!

Sarah Hagstrom is the co-founder of The Seasonal Diet (which she runs with her husband Peter) where she helps women lose weight and thrive on plants. She helps her clients by focusing on seasonal eating, tapping into their intuition, and removing blocks that keep them stuck. I'm a huge believer that we need to fuel our bodies carefully if we expect great things from them & sarah really embodies that whole vibe.

We talk all about the power of plants in their diet & how they can help you boost your energy, aid your digestion & live your healthiest, most productive life. In case you weren't aware: fuelling your body well is CRUCIAL if you expect it to perform, whether that's at the gym, with your kids, or at work in your business. She is a wealth of knowledge & I'm super excited to have her on the podcast for the first time!

If you'd like to hang out with Sarah even more, here are some places to hang out with her:

Her Mastermind
Her Favourite Tahini Salad Dressing
One of her favourite (NOT BORING) salads!

As with all of my podcast episodes, if you'd like to go deeper with Me & Sarah you can listen at the player in this post or click the buttons below to listen on your podcast player.  

Until next time, I hope this episode filled your sails & watered your roots!

xx Andrea