Bloom Where You're Planted EP 01 - I Guess I Started A Podcast!


This last year has been a little overwhelming for me.  I started this blog in October and already I feel that it's growing faster than I can imagine, so I took some time in January to really hone in on my direction and to see what new and challenging things I would take on in 2018.

And here we are.

I've started a podcast, and I'm sooooo excited about it!  I started out with a little trailer for now but expect podcast episodes on Tuesdays and Thursdays that centre all around self-love, mindset magic and life overhauling.  I'm bringing my sparkly self over to the microphone as often as I can, because this is something I really want to be good at.  I like helping y'all out with helpful content, and so far this seems to be the most natural way to do it, so bear with me as I figure out the logistics of this whole podcasting & talking to myself in an empty room thing.


Since this is just the trailer, I'll keep this brief.  I mainly touched on

  • The importance of mindset work
  • My brain tumour removal story
  • Going from blah to bliss in my everyday life
  • Embracing your truth, even when it's hard

Be sure to hit subscribe on the iTunes store to make sure you get the second episode on Tuesday, we're talking morning routines!

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