I'm Looking For Some Awesome Affiliates!!

I’ve got some exciting news for my people!  I’m releasing a (long, beautiful, labour of love) course that’s all about living your best life, and I’m looking for 4-8 increible affiliates that would love to share it with their crew & boost their income.

This last year hasn't been easy on me.  Brain surgery and moving to a new city aside, it's also been a year of profound personal growth and development, which wasn’t easy (even though it was necessary).  Slowly regaining control of my body after some weird side effects of my surgery forced me to become aware of my body while confronting me with a lot of self-directed frustration.  It forced me to become comfortable with acknowledging and releasing my negativity, leaving room for good things to flow into my life. I feel, for the first time, ready for what life has to bring.  I know that even if life brings me something that I realize I'm not quite ready for, that I'll be able to quickly adapt. It's been very hard to get to this place, but the confidence that I feel in getting over a year like that is incredible.

2017 also came with a lot of lessons learned the hard way.  Consequences crept up on me more quickly than usual, so when I made my bed, I had to lie in it, too.  I no longer had the energy to fake it if I was surrounding myself with the wrong type of person, I couldn't over-pack my schedule and say "I'll just sleep it off on the weekend" without taking myself out of commission, and I couldn't hope to improve my life or health if I was filling my thoughts with negativity.  I could no longer tolerate the idea of living a mediocre life; anything I could possibly to do improve my life or learn from a mistake, would be done.

I sunk in to living my best life, but it wasn’t easy.  I just knew that I was definitely not living my best life, but I didn’t know what my best life looked like AT ALL.  That meant that despite being miserable and knowing that I needed a change, I was stuck in that place because I lacked clarity around what it looked like, so I tried everything I could to pull myself out of it.  Not everything worked, though, and I wasted a lot of time and energy while I pulled myself out of it. It definitely was not a perfect system, but I learned a lot and I’m so happy that I ended up coming out of it.

So, I’m releasing a brand new, labour of love course on this, and I’m so excited.  Empowering people to live their best lives is really important to me, and bringing this to the table for all of you feels like really important work.  This course is going to give actionable steps, mindset strategy, scripts & other tools to really accompany you through this journey. It is not a course you can fully implement in a week, but instead it’s designed to accompany you through the ups and downs of consistent, purposeful living through multiple seasons of your life.  While my course gives you some strategy you can implement immediately for an immediate result, it’s largely focused on staying present and choosing your best life everyday, and I think I’ve done a good job of supporting these often overlooked parts of personal growth.

The thing is, you guys, I haven’t been doing this that long, and I’m looking for a little back-up on this, so I figured we should scratch each other’s backs.  I love what I’m offering you guys, but I’m worried that there are people who would love to see my course who just won’t because my crowd is so fresh and new.  I love you guys, there just aren’t a lot of you.  So, I’m looking to start an affiliate program that helps us both out.

I’m looking for affiliates who want to talk to their people about my course!  You’ll get a link & commission from each sale through the link, and I’ll get my super helpful, great value course in front of way more excited eyeballs.  I even have a free challenge running leading up to the launch you can direct your people to if you’d like to warm them up to get them to buy. I’ve got copy for my affiliates to use, clear messaging structures & strategy tips, so that we can make it a homerun effort right off the bat.  

If you’re into it, here’s what you’ll need to know:

  • My course will launch on April 6th, on the last day of my free challenge
  • It’ll sell for $49
  • I’m using Teachable’s affiliate program and you’ll be paid directly + automatically through them
  • Commission is 30%
  • I’ve never had affiliates before but I’m really excited to make this awesome and would love feedback at any stage of the process.

Here’s what my ideal affiliate looks like.

  • You’re excited to live your best life & you love talking to your crew about that
  • You’re regularly talking to your people
  • Your audience is full of creative, liberally minded women aged 22-35
  • You’re lots of fun
  • You’d love to help me make this affiliate program awesome for you and all the other affiliates through open feedback
  • You’re excited for an easy income boost for the springtime
  • You’ve got more than 1,000 people in your audience

I’m looking for 4-10 people to help me get this started, just so I can keep a close eye on how this develops and really grow it into a great program.  So, if this sounds like a good fit, fill out the form below to contact me (before April 6th, 2018 please!) & we’ll start chatting.

This is a great way to offer something useful to your people AND make some extra cash without putting in a ton of work on your end.  For the right fit, this would be a big win for both of us, and I’m really excited to get this ball rolling!

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