BWYP EP 08: Moving Through Shame with Jordyn Fitzgerald


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I'm sharing such a special podcast episode with you today.  I'm talking about moving through shame when it's holding you back, and I'm doing that with my childhood friend Jordyn Fitzgerald!  I'm also sharing a new project that's SO close to my heart & full of value!  I'll be talking about that at the end, because hey, this is Jordyn's time to shine, but if you're into living your best, most authentic life (and actionable steps on getting there) then stay tuned.  I'm really excited to share it with you.

Jordyn Fitzgerald is a creative, multi-passionate podcaster & coach.  She is big on feelings (& feeling them hard), living your best life, and keeping your cup full to serve others in your life.  She's kinda goals, you guys.  I was lucky enough to be on an episode of her show a few weeks ago, where we essentially caught up on tape. She's a wife to Scott (another person I've known for a long time) and a mum to her little pup, Leo, and she was not afraid to dive deep into the shame spiral.

We're talking shame.

We're talking living with your feelings, not against them.

We're talking getting unstuck.

This is a conversation you can listen to on my podcast, but if that's not your thing, Jordyn's main takeaway has got to be:  feel your feelings, feel them hard, and move forward with full knowledge of your feelings.  It's not about letting them take over, it's about having your feelings be heard so you can move past them & avoid future missteps.

So, listen up, check out Jordyn, her podcast, and everything she's bringing to the table.  I really couldn't ask for a better podcast guest, especially since it was my interview with Jordyn early in January that inspired this challenge!

BTW, this is where you can find her on facebook, instagram and her website!

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I get how uncomfortable moving forward in your life can feel, right down to that painful "stuck" feeling that we all know so well.  I really get it, and thought back to my lowest, most painful point in my life to really craft a challenge based on what people really need when they feel lost, unsafe & unsure of where to go next.

This challenge is totally free (!!!) and a real labour of love, so I'm super excited to get this out there for you.  You can sign up below!

Lots of love!