BWYP EP 07: Overstimulation + Overwhelm For Do-Everything Creatives


Overwhelm is realness,

Honestly, it makes me feel like a failure.  Overwhelm often hits me when I'm at my most productive, because usually, I've been doing a lot of stuff + slaying my week and my brain just can't keep up so I'll have to hit the brakes hard until I can slow my brain down.

I'm sure you get it, when you're SLAYING your to-do list & have lots of physical energy to get stuff done, running out of mental energy SUCKS SO HARD. 

This podcast episode hits on all of those feelings & I talk about how I get through it.  It's not something I have completely figured out, but having awareness about it has really been my biggest key so I can feel it coming without getting WAY too overwhelmed and having to do a lot of work to calm down.

Do you struggle with overwhelm?  Do you THINK you do?  Post a comment below to let me know.  I'd love to hear anything and everything you've got to say about it.  It's definitely an ongoing struggle, so share the wealth if you've got tips!!