BWYP EP 06: Why You NEED White Space If You're Creative (or Human)


Hey everyone!  

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So, in this podcast episode, I'm talking about white space:  what it is and how to use it.  It's a big topic, and honestly, I'm worried I might lose a few of you along the way, but please let me know if something is murky or unclear for you.  Opening up a dialogue about living your best life is super important to me & I love answering whatever questions I can for you guys.  

White Space: Time in your day where you can turn your brain off & experience mental rest. on a calendar, it would look like a white, un-filled in space.  Get it?

Here are some easy ways to implement white space in your life:

  • Try not to overpack your schedule
    • An empty schedule might SEEM less productive, but you'll actually be able to finish everything & give everything the attention it deserves if you're more selective
  • Try to batch similar tasks together to save energy in switching from task to task
    • When you bounce from task to task, you don't let your brain get into a groove
    • Multitasking doesn't work
      • Anything requires mental focus should be done on its own before switching tasks.
  • If you use a planner, try to leave an extra 10-15 minutes before a task to stop you from rushing
  • Think to yourself "less busy, more productive"
    • Busy doesn't equal productive
      • Try to say no to random projects + obligations that don't serve you
      • The more you simplify your life, the easier this becomes
  • Live intentionally
    • Be intentional about your day
      • Take your energy levels into account:  how much energy do you really have?
        • If you're feeling energetic, you may require less white space that day
        • If you're feeling drained, a more restful, white space kind of day might be more sustainable
          • This doesn't mean you're writing off the day, but make an effort to conserve your energy + stay present as you go about your day

This is just a quick overview to give you the gist, but in my opinion, the episode is really where the content shines.  Give it a listen if you haven't, and I'll see you next time!

Lotsa love,