BWYP EP 05: How I work when i want + get more done than ever.


On todays podcast episode, I'm sharing a little about how I've achieved consistent productivity by focusing on making my to-do list as enjoyable as possible.  Since productivity naturally tends to ebb and flow, making my list as enjoyable as possible has made my productive days incredibly productive, and has left my slower days restful without being a write-off.  

I talk a lot about mindset in this episode, because it's the most transformational part of this whole method, but I also share the steps I take to make my to-do list more enjoyable, while still getting all of it done.  

Here are some of the ways I shift my mindset around my to-do list to maintain my energy and get it all done


1.  brain dump your entire to do list

  • This might take a few tries, try the triple ten method:  write for ten minutes, walk away for ten minutes, then come back to write for ten more minutes

2.  Highlight the things on your list you'll love doing (take a minute to get excited about these things!!)

  • For me, this might look like:
    • Walking the dog
    • Chores you like or find satisfying
    • Rewarding work at your job

3.  Put a star next to things you'll have difficulty enjoying

  • For me, this might look like:
    • Going to work at my other job
    • Taxes
    • Social obligation I felt pressured into

4.  Give yourself permission to cancel whatever you can.

  • You have a limited amount of energy
  • You have a right to enjoy yourself as much as possible
  • You can't do this with everything on your list, but if you're a people-pleaser to a fault, then you probably have some things you can let go of
    • Commitments that aren't serving you are draining your energy & it'd probably be best to try and redistribute the task
    • If you can't, there are ways you 

5.  Brainstorm ways to make your WHOLE to-do list more enjoyable

  • brainstorm some easy things to inject into your day-to-day life that easily add enjoyment to everything
    • I love incorporating essential oils into my day, it makes my life more generally enjoyable
    • Any answer is good if it blends with your productivity goals
      • think of things you can enjoy WHILE you crush your day, like a good podcast, album. drink, candle etc

I've got to emphasize, though, that the mindset work I talk about in my podcast really compliments this beautifully.  Through this shift, I've finally ditched my past of yo-yo productivity (just as bad as yo-yo dieting, tbh) and have reached consistent output & results.  

I've never taught this type of thing before, so I just want to make sure I'm not leaving anyone behind.  While this is super clear in my own mind, I'm not totally confident that I'm going to get my message across successfully (even though I really tried my best!) so please, whether you love it or you're a little lost, post your feedback in the comments!  I read it all and I really want to be giving you the clearest info possible.

Lots of love!