BWYP EP 10: 5 Things To Do TODAY If You're Feeling Stuck

This one's a biggie you guys!  Episode 10!!  

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In the podcast, I started it off by updating you on what's been new in my life, but since I know I'm gonna get some people from Pinterest who want answers, like, YESTERDAY, I figured I'd start out with the juicy bits first. 

Let's talk feeling stuck.  Luckily, I don't feel this way anymore, but I remember feeling so stuck in a dead-end job, with a dead-end life I lived in an apartment across the street and I was stuck.  I was reeling from a breakup, it was my first time on my own, and I had Netflix playing CONSTANTLY because the weight of living on my own was just too much.

I'm not talking for a week or two.  For almost a year, I was stuck feeling hopeless in a filthy apartment, with no sign of improvement.

Slowly, though, I pulled myself out of it.  A lot of times by the teeth, and it was really uncomfortable, but I'm here now and honestly? so much lighter.  But, now that I'm out of that period in my life, I'm really passionate about helping others to pull themselves out of that "stuck" quarter-life crisis kinda feeling, because we all go through it. 

I'll always stand by the fact that CLARITY was the main player in my game:  getting clear on what I really wanted helped me find a roadmap to actually getting there.  If you need help with this, you can sign up for my free #5DAYDREAMY challenge right here, where I'm going to be holding your hand through the process of finding what your dream life is so you can actually get there.  So yeah, without this clarity (which you do not need my challenge to get, I just like to think it helps), you can't really move forward in my experience.

That being said, the quest for clarity offers a long term solution, but it doesn't offer a ton of comfort in the moment.  Here are the top 5 things that I definitely should have made more time for in my healing process to make things easier on myself.

1.  Take 5 Intentional Minutes with yourself

The point here is to check in on yourself however you feel most comfortable.  It can be tempting to distract yourself and go into autopilot mode when you're uncomfortable, but set a 5 minute timer on your phone and set aside that time to be still.  This silence is where you'll get the wisdom to find your next steps.

2.  Call a loved one

Yes, call.  Connecting with someone you care about tends to remind me about how much support I have, and it makes hard times way easier.  Support is key when you're levelling up your life,  especially with people who get you, so if you don't have someone you can hit up when you're feeling down, that's a big problem to work on.

3.  Take up a new hobby & share it

You might just be stuck because you need to shake shit up.  You kept the same friends since college, didn't really reach out at work, and now you're feeling stuck simply because you stopped moving!  It's ok, we're all guilty of getting comfortable sometimes, but whether you've stopped moving or your deep in a mid-life crisis mode, try taking up a new hobby to pour some creative energy into.  Even better if you share it on social or go to a local event where you can meet fellow enthusiasts.  New energy in your social circles is definitely a good thing when you're stuck in old patterns and need something new.

4.  List 3 areas of your life you'd like to improve and brainstorm 5 ways (each) you could improve them.

This is some "get real" advice.  It's uncomfortable and confronting, but hopefully this exercise will give you an idea of some small improvements you can start to make where you're really struggling.  Keep in mind, these steps are not meant to be huge steps, we're talking easy, simple steps that will actually get done so they can make a difference & change your life.

5.  Look back on where you were


Know those super cringey Facebook memories?  No, they're not just the stuff of nightmares.  When they come up, take the opportunity to look at how far you've come and how much you've learned since then.  Even though you probably want to pick the memory apart because, say, you didn't know what bronzer was ( + was pale enough to startle passerby), try to look back without judgement.  We're all doing our best with the tools we're given.  SO, reflect on your wins + misses, lessons you learned the hard way, and what you wish you could have told yourself.  Chances are, you have some good advice.

So, for anyone in the quarter-life crisis club (or just feeling stuck in general), I really hope you try some of my tips.  I know they seem so simple that it's tempting to skip them, but honestly?  There's a reason that it's simple.  It works!  Leave a comment down below if you're into it.

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Lots of love,