6 (AMAZING) Podcasts for Creative Women

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I'm someone who is pretty much the queen of being the last to catch on to something, but I have to say, I was ahead of the curve when it came to podcasts.  I was an OG listener back in 2012 & even though it doesn't make me cooler at all, I really think it does (so please let me have this one).  I love podcasts & have so many favourites, but as a creative millennial I think I have 6 of my absolute favourites that I just have to tell you about.

As a 20-something creative, I really love sharing these podcasts & these recommendations are really well loved by me and my friends I've already shared them with.  I think what makes them work is that they all talk about things we're all really interested in, but without the pretense of having it all figured out.  I tend to love podcasts that feel like a journey that the host is taking us on, so knowing that they're learning as they go really makes me feel connected to the podcast + the host.

So, as a creative, sensitive entrepreneur who loves all things personal development, emotional intelligence & all in all, living your best life, here are my favourite podcasts to share about.  They range in length from about 30 min to 2.5 hours (thanks, Armchair Expert) but I love podcasts of all shapes and sizes.  If I'm missing one that you absolutely love, please put it in the comments!  I might not have heard of it yet, and I'm always looking for new podcast recommendations, so don't hold out!

The Lively Show with Jess Lively

I think this is my favourite podcast of all time.  Jess Lively is the queen of all things Law of Attraction, channeling energy, being positive & optimizing your life, but honestly, I couldn't care less if she was just reading the phone book.  Her voice is so light & positive that I love her podcast just because I like to hang out in her energy. 

Check it out for:  All things high-vibe, using science to explain the "woo-woo", optimizing your life, travel & living outside the box.

Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

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Have you read Big Magic yet?  Have you heard of Liz?

This podcast is a companion to Liz Gilbert's book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear and Liz dives deep into what it means got live a creative life in both her podcast + her book.  I really recommend you read her book as an accompaniment (you could even get a free trial audiobook download from Audible if you like) but it's not necessary to enjoy the podcast.  Although the book would look absolutely gorgeous on any book shelf.

Check it out for:  In depth advice & specific examples on how to live a fulfilling, creative life.

Taking Up Space with Jordyn Fitzgerald

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Jordyn Fitzgerald is a full time fibre & lettering artist with a beautiful coaching side to her that she uses to encourage women to come into their voice.  She walks you with her as she discovers this for herself & shares great content on her podcast as she learns and applies it to her own podcast.  She's great with all things feelings, but has shared about femininity & finances, too.

Check it out for:  Conversational emotional awareness + self growth, rawness and organic connection.

Bloom Where You're Planted with Andrea Ouellette

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Bloom Where You're Planted is not only an amazing resource for sensitive creatives seeking their most effective & effervescent lives, but it's my podcast!  Every week, I share what I'm learning about my own personal growth on my journey to live my best life & I share how other creatives can try what I've learned and make it work for them.  I'm all about creativity, abundance, good vibes & optimizing your life & productivity. 

Check it out for:  Living creatively, Increasing your abundance, good vibes, positivity & productivity. 

The Creative Empire Podcast with Reina Pomeroy + Christina Scalera


This is one of my favourite podcasts for business strategy - especially if you run a creative business.  Reina is a life + business coach + Christina is a contract lawyer for creative entrepreneurs, and the way they approach biz, strategy & mindset is awesome.  Even if I'm not sure I'll take something away from an episode, I always listen, because I undoubtedly learn something useful regardless.

Check it out for:  Business strategy, living a balanced life as an entrepreneur, encouragement, mindset & personal development.

The Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard


K, this podcast is seriously one of my new favourites.  Dax Shepard seems to be the key of emotional- & self-awareness, and I'm here for it.  It's relatively new, has got great guests (even Ellen DeGeneres) and has really hooked me.  This is a long-form podcast, with episodes usually around the two hour mark, so it's a great weekly staple. 

Since Dax is aware that he's the type of guy to pontificate on things he's less than an expert on, at the end of every episode, he records a Fact-check with his friend & producer, Monica.  It's really, really nice to see a podcast host who is ready to be called out when he's wrong.

Check it out for: an honest look at emotions, psychology, our more shadowy tendencies, addiction & personal growth.


If you're struggling with finding a new podcast to listen to & haven't checked these out, I highly suggest you go & listen.  These are definitely some of my favourites, and if you're a creative like me, I think you'll love them too! I know committing to a new podcast might be overwhelming to some of you (hell, it is to me) so maybe start with one episode & let it suck you in from there.

If you give any of these a listen, let me know what you loved (& what you didn't!) in the comments below!


Lotsa love,