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PSSSST:  This post is also a podcast episode!  If you'd like to hear me go more in depth, you can listen up at the player above or tune in using the buttons below. 

I hate burnout - I think it should be looked at as a serious health crisis.  Burnout levels of stress & exhaustion are super bad for your mental & physical health, and it's also bad for your business.

On today's podcast episode, I go into the early signs of burnout & I tell you how to recognize them in yourself, so you can course-correct before you have a full blown burnout situation on your hands.  Burnout sneaks up on you quickly, so keeping your eyes open & being aware of the signs and symptoms is a big part of the struggle, but as long as you know what to look for & you stay aware as much as possible, you should be fine.  

I cap off this episode by telling you 3 things that you can do if you're super serious about preventing burnout & the stress that goes along with it.  The first tip I give is about clearing out your calendar to make some extra breathing space in your life - and since I know that's easier said than done, I'm also inviting you into my free 5-day challenge to clear your calendar + say bye to burnout, forever.  My second tip is to up your sleep game with a sleep routine & earlier bedtime, which is also a totally necessary move when you're coming up on burnout.  My last tip is to have fun & laugh.  Laugh lots - it's the best way to pass the time & if you're not making time for fun you're really missing out on life, creativity & the fun things life has to offer.  

My #ByeBurnout challenge is coming up soon & honestly? It's a total gamechanger.  We're clearing your calendar & setting the schedule to help you say bye to burnout for good.