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Today's episode was so much fun to record, because I got to work with you guys to make it all happen! I asked for questions on my social & I can't believe I got so many good ones. In this episode, I dive into beating procrastination, how to move your business forward on the daily, how to balance your 9-5 & how IPAs can help your business!

In this episode, I shared a little about the free 5 day challenge I'm running to all of my favourite humans, AKA you guys. It's running from August 27th-31st, so it's perfect to learn & implement before September brings a faster pace & more commitments. It's called the Bye Burnout challenge, and together we streamline & take the gunk out of your schedule so you can have more free time to recharge & reach your goals. It really is a game changer, and its a free one (aka the best kind) so head on over here to get started in time for the 27th!

I also announced something super exciting, a patronage program for all of my listeners! I've been getting a lot of great feedback now that I'm going all in with two episodes a week & I couldn't be more grateful for the amount of you that have actually asked me how they can support me & my podcast. Now, you can sponsor my podcast for a little as $1 & get awesome bonuses, like personalized thank you notes, coaching calls & all kinds of good stuff. If you love Bloom Where You're Planted & want to share the love, you can head over HERE to support the podcast.

I hope this episode filled your sails & watered your roots.  

Lotsa love,