BWYP EP 12: 5 easy ( + 1 Hard) Tips To Boost Your Joy TODAY


Joy is tricky for me, I'm not going to lie.  I've struggled with depression & other mental health struggles for much of my life, so there was actually a period of time (a long one) where I just thought that some people just don't feel joy.  

Yeah.  Me.  The joy + productivity strategist.  

Luckily, I don't feel that way anymore.  I've grown an lot & made it a habit to consistently choose myself & my bliss without 

Now, I realize that joy isn't a state of being the way satisfaction or contentment is.  Joy is a feeling that enriches a moment, not a lifetime, and that's ok.  Life is made up of a lot of little moments, so enriching a moment is a beautiful way to enrich your entire life, it's just a habit you've got to get into. 

On my podcast this week, I gave my top 5 tips to boost your joy, real quick + real simple.  They're quick actions that should take you less than a minute to start feeling the effects, but they aren't a permanent solution, so getting into the habit of doing these things is super key.  I know it's hard to stay present & keep choosing your joy day in and day out, so I created a (cute!!) free phone wallpaper to remind you to choose your joy on the daily instead of just once a month, or when you remember.  So, go scoop up this free wallpaper, and I hope you love it!

(HEY OVERACHIEVER:  If 5 easy tips is too easy for you, I have an extra credit tip that takes a little more work but pays off big time.  I get into it at the end of the article, so stay tuned!)

Okay so let's get into it!  Remember, this blog post is also a podcast, and you can give it a listen on the player that's on this blog post, or search Bloom Where You're Planted on iTunes or Spotify!  That way, if you want to go deeper on this topic, you can listen to me talk about it while you undoubtedly do other things! 

Boosting your mood + reacting to negativity with positivity definitely takes some energy and work.   It's a muscle that needs TLC and it doesn't always feel natural, but I've found that by having a short, simple list of go-to things to go through, it makes creating that habit a lot more natural.  So, here's my list!

Force myself to smile

So this one feels silly.  In the podcast episode, I talk about sitting in my car with a fake smile on my face after being cut off, and I'm not gonna lie, I most likely looked like a crazy person.  But, I was alone in my car, I had nothing to lose, and the fact is, the evidence backs it up.

In a study done by the journal Psychological Science, forcing a smile actually works to lower your stress levels.  Lower stress makes it way easier to lean into your joy, people.

Get outside

It's the perfect time of year for it.  I live in my slippers at home, so to do this I don't even put on shoes.  I just step outside & breathe deep.  It leaves me able to unwind & slow down for a minute, and it really "right sizes" my hangups and problems.  10/10, would recommend.

be kind to myself

Guess who my biggest critic is.  Me.  

I catch myself blaming myself or criticizing myself needlessly ALL THE TIME.  I try to not take it personally & let it roll off my back, but the fact is, it sucks.  

So, on bad days, I talk to myself.  I give myself the compliments I'm missing & I really do my best to feel them in my bones.  Really go deep & say the words you wish you'd hear.

make a gratitude list

We've all heard that gratitude is key in living a more joyful life and guess what.  It is.  They're right.

It doesn't have to be a big deal, though.  I know gratitude can feel like a big job, but taking 30 seconds to jot down (or even just think about) 5-10 things you're grateful for can really get you out of your head & focused on positivity that you already have.  Hell yes.

make something

I make this podcast & blog specifically for sensitive creatives like me, so I probably don't have to convince a lot of you that making a little time to boost your mood with some creativity will give you a much needed boost. 

But, in case I have to convince you:  get wrapped up in creating or making something you really enjoy.  Often, it's enough to break the momentum of your bad mood + pull you out of it.  


extra credit:  be intentional about your joy

Shout out to all you overachievers who are ready to get super intentional about your joy: I see you!  

This tip is separate because, the fact is, it's not as easy as going outside for two minutes.  BUT, it's definitely a great habit to develop that makes living your most joyful life a lot easier.  You just have to keep your joy a daily habit & commit to it whenever you feel your joy slipping. 

I know, easier said than done.  It's a lot easier to stay on the right track when your day starts off great, but staying present & giving yourself a boost when you're feeling low is where it matters the most.  If you struggle with boosting your mood when things aren't going your way:  I see you.  You're not alone.  It's hard to remind yourself to boost your mood when you're feeling like crap.  

But, I think I've got something that'll help.  I made a free smartphone wallpaper with my easy tips front and centre, so you can download it and get in on the goodness at the button below.  I know you've always got your phone on you, so just grab the free wallpaper & you'll always have the reminder to stay present & choose your joy!

So, there you have it.  Like I said, this is also a podcast & If you'd like to hear me go more in depth on the topic, give it a listen on the players attached OR give us a search on iTunes or Spotify.  

I love you lots, good luck with your joy!


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