BWYP EP 11 - My Latest Obsession: The Law Of Attraction

Today's episode is more of a sharing sesh:  I'm sharing something I love a lot with a new series called "My Latest Obsession" where I'll be sharing recent favourites on a monthly basis with you guys.  I've really been craving a deeper connection with you guys, and so far, this is how I'll get there.  Do you love it?  Give it a listen below & let me know!


  • The law of attraction is the idea that "like attracts like"
  • The Secret is a main way that people come to find it
    • It tends to focus (in my experience) on manifesting wealth & other material possessions
    • This is great, but it leaves a lot out
  • To expand on the concept, The Energy you put out in the world will attract more of that energy into your life
  • To attract something, focus & feel that abundance in related areas of your life 
  • Be aware that feeling desperate or Thirsty over something will just attract more of that desperate feeilng & lack
  • The best place to learn about this is the Quantum Living Living Quick Guide over on Jess Lively's Podcast, The Lively Show


  • I check into my actions often with questions like
    • If I was already creatively & financially fulfilled, how would I act about this?
    • Why not me?
  • I can't say for sure that I'm attracting abundance, but keeping the law of attraction in mind when I'm going about my day to day motivates me to show up a lot more both creatively behind the scenes & on the front end of my business


why I'm obsessed:  The idea that I can attract my own success is super addicting to me.

That's my sharing on the topic today!  I know its brief on the blog but I go much more in depth in the podcast, so if you're interested then give it a listen on the player below!  As always, you can reach me on facebook & instagram to let me know if you're loving it or not (so please do) and I'm so happy I get to share this with you guys.

Lots of love!