BWYP EP 23 - What it's really like to be a solopreneur with Zoe Linda

EP 23.png

Zoe Linda was on the podcast this week & I didn't even embarrass myself nerding out.  She is an affiliate marketing guru, but as a one-woman show in her biz, she also knows the realness that is the work-from-home life.

She talk about the lessons she learned, her expectations going in, her excitement in leaving the office life behind & how she manages the (sometimes) lonely life of an entrepreneur.  Give it a listen on the player attached, or on iTunes & Spotify.

But, the thing is, Zoe wasn't just on the podcast to indulge all of us with her adorable accent - tomorrow, we're rolling out a joint masterclass on building sustainable, long-term routines.  In the masterclass, you're going to learn The Pillar Method to easily create grounding, energizing routines AND you're going to work through it with us BOTH as we build a routine along-side you! 

Sign up ASAP - it's happening tomorrow AND there's only 200 seats.  It'll be a real party, we're going over everything you need to know + laying out your next steps!

Here's where you can find Zoe's Instagram, Facebook & website