BWYP EP 24 With Celebrity Astrologer Tiffani Purdy: Using Astrology to Skyrocket your Biz + Become #AlignedAf

ep 24 - tiffani purdy.png

On the podcast today, we get to listen to 45 minutes of me trying not to pee my pants from excitement - because I'm talking to celebrity astrologer Tiffani Purdy! She uses human design + astrology to support celebrities, influencers, high achieving entrepreneurs + the people who support them & honestly? She's everything. I've fallen into astrology SUPER recently and I'm so happy that my rabid curiosity helped me find Tiffani. She shares about how she used astrology to pivot her business, keep her on track & change her life - she shares predictions about what Tony Robbin's might have coming up in his next few years, just for fun, and she also dives into how (despite the immense amount of BS) her Saturn Return has been the best year of her life.

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If you'd like to connect with Tiffany, you can find her on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or her website.