BWYP EP 25 - What I've Learned About Self-Care From Growing a Business with a Brain Injury

ep 25.png

Today, I get pretty personal about my brain surgery & what it's been like to grow a business & reach big goals when you have a serious health concern that requires a lot of care, because the lessons are universal. What I've learned about listening to my body, prioritizing myself + moving past obstacles are all lessons that we need to keep in mind, I kind of just am going through a more intense version of that.

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This whole discussion around brain fog + #dialupbrain is completely inspired by Abagail Pumphrey , one half of Think Creative Collective - she's the only other biz owner I know of that has a brain injury & I'm so grateful to know that I'm at least not the only one. You can find her podcast, website, instagram + Facebook page here - I've been a part of her creative community on Facebook and have learned SO MUCH just from the community, let alone the incredible trainings that she & her business partner Emylee are constantly rolling out. Thank you so much for the inspiration, Abagail!